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The Ark coin.  


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May 17, 2019 7:11 am  
ARK was launched in early 2017 with 100 million coins, and with the current 8 second block time there are 10,800 new ARK created every day. Assuming this doesn’t change, ARK has a decreasing inflation rate, which is 6.31% in the first year, but will decrease to 4.02% in ten sub-sequent years. 
The 8 second block time is one of the faster among cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is close with a 14 second block time, but Bitcoin has a 10 minute block time.
In addition to have fast block times, each block can process 25 transactions. While this is good, the ARK team has already stated in their whitepaper that they will make this scalable by increasing the number of transactions processed by each block, as well as lowering the block time.

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