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Greetings From Mozambique.  


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May 15, 2019 8:39 pm  

Hello DPoS Community!

I am Alberto Dionisio born and living in Mozambique for the last 36 years.I worked outside my country for 5 years,in that time i lived in South Africa and get known the culture and habits from them.I learn some zulu language there(i am not fluent,but i understant very well).I speak Portugueses(native language),English,some French and Zulu and lastly Over three local language in my country.

My passion for crypto born in late 2009 year when BTC was starting and i earned it but i was just playing around (that time i used to earn satoshis playing games and i was not in fact collecting money just for funny) .Since 2005 i work online and i can say that for sure,i became the oldest marketer online from my country but i had to stop it to look "for a really job".

But that " really job" wasnt meant for me,and in 2015 i returned to my online activities and Since then i have been involved with many business in particularly with my passion the cryptocurrency and in particularly with qredit coin.

I am a Enthusiast and crypto lover.I believe that crypto Will take the Fiat money go to obsolete and being African that can help even People to step out to Poverty.

Glad to be a part of the DPoS Community.

Feel free to send some to me 🤑 


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