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[ANY] Delegate Elwood, public pool sharing 80%  


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May 17, 2019 9:15 am  

Hello everyone,

My delegate is elwood and I run a public sharing pool sharing 80% of the forging rewards which are paid weekly.

I have been involved in various DPoS projects for about 3 years now, having started back when Ark launched its first ever testnet after running its ICO.

I am currently a forger in 5 different DPoS projects,(Qredit (as elwood), Ark (as ghostfaceuk), Blockpool (as ghostfaceuk), Swapblocks (as elwood) and Shift (as ghostfaceuk)), and have forged in 4 other DPos projects (two of which no longer exist) so I would like to say I am an experienced delegate.

Currently, node specification is 
2 Core
8GB of Ram

Once the income from Qredit makes it viable I will be upgrading the node to a dedicated server with 8 cores and 32gb of ram.

As stated at the start of this proposal I am sharing 80% of my forging rewards, this will be paid weekly by goose's tbw2 script.
The script calculates each voters share at the time each block is forged to ensure a voter is paid for their vote weight at the time of forging to stop pool hoppers throwing a lot of vote weight on to a pool just before its due to pay to grab a large payout and then move their vote to another pool to do the same again.

I am also a volunteer moderator in the Hodler Enterprises discord channel, a place to find all the information regarding Qredit, Altilly and all the other projects ran by Hodler Enterprises ( https://qredit.io/go/discord)

Outside of crypto I enjoy watching films, listening to music, walking my husky and hanging out with my girlfriend/friends.

You can reach me on Telegram using @ghostfaceuk, I am also contactable on Holder Enterprises Discord under the name goat.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.

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May 17, 2019 5:11 pm  

80% is a great gain to Voters but what you do to conquer Voters,do you have an special marketing skill to let them know that you Will be sharing that amount?!