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[Qredit & Shift] Delegate WG91 | Share rates: XQR 80% / Shift: 50% | Daily payout facilitated by TBW | High uptime, secure nodes  


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January 9, 2020 9:53 am  

Hello everyone,

My name is WG91, a mathematician/developer from Amsterdam with a background in mathematics & education. I have been involved in several projects as either lead developer or consultant, latest of both being CTO & lead developer at PENG, a charity-focussed project, and currently consulting on the Boid project to design a new token emission formula based on several network parameters & write the tokenomics section of their whitepaper.

I will be running delegate nodes for both Qredit & Shift and guarantee a high uptime with a daily share of respectively 80% daily (XQR) and 50% weekly (Shift). The remainder will be used for node operation and contributions to both projects.

Most of you will be familiar with 'Transaction street' and 'Tx highway' network visualizers for both BTC and BCH - I will be looking at making a DPoS focussed version of this. Other contributions will depend on project state and need for tools by the community or projects themselves.

A high uptime is guaranteed and payouts will be facilitated by TBW. At time of writing, I am at position 56 (XQR) and 164 (Shift). Please vote me in so I can get into forging position!

Delegate links
XQR: https://qredit.network/delegates/wg91
Shift: https://explorer.shiftnrg.org/delegate/17963743031215026906S

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January 20, 2020 8:21 am  

Hello Friend
Can you tell me in detail how I can take part in your project?


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