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Qredit brief,supply and where to trade.  


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Qredit Desktop Wallet

Asset Name: Qredit 
Symbol: XQR
Platform: Native Blockchain
Consensus: DPoS
Delegates: 51 
Total Supply: 700.000.000 XQR (increasing 10 XQR per block)
Blocktime: 8 Seconds
Language: TypeScript
Mainnet Launch: 17 August 2018
Main Selling Point: Qredit Always Evolving Platform (Merchants Rewards System) - Smart Contracts - Fiat Conversion - Qredit Cards - Base Market Altilly


In favour of the consumers, Qredit will be developing and selling “Qredit Cards” using NFC technology to allow consumers to “collect” Qredit coins or rewards tokens created by merchants easily without the need for expensive hardware. This feature is called Qredit Wave. As the name says, you “WAVE” your card or NFC device to collect Qredit coins or rewards tokens.

These coins and rewards tokens can later be used to pay for certain goods using the wallets we provide. Consumers are also able to use these coins and tokens to trade on cryptocurrency markets.

In the future, Qredit will provide guidance on completing tax information in a legal and compliant way, for merchants, but also individuals using Qredit as a payment gateway.


In August 2018 we've decided to build a blockchain of our own, following detailed research Qredit chose to utilise the ARK codebase.

The Qredit DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain will enable merchants to build their reward tokens on-chain. These tokens can be used to reward consumers, but also to facilitate internal or even international intercompany payments and settlements.

In addition to the payment system and the creation of reward tokens, Qredit aims to simplify how merchants process payments and settlements using Cryptocurrency. Merchants will have the option using Fiat currencies to purchase Qredit, but also to convert Qredit or other cryptocurrencies back to Fiat, reducing the risk of crypto market volatility. This function is called Qredit Motion and is part of the Qredit Always Evolving Platform.


Qredit has a base-market on the Altilly exchange. Which means that traders no longer have to purchase Bitcoin to trade with other cryptocurrencies or to buy Qredit. During the 2018 cryptocurrency market consolidation Qredit has proven that it’s less vulnerable to the fluctuations and volatility created by major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Qredit is now paired with 19 other cryptocurrencies and allows traders to trade with minimal trading fees.

Qredit holders can use their coins to purchase items via our multi-vendor marketplace called Bitilly.


Qredit is the native currency for Altilly Exchange.

Qredit is the coin that is needed to apply for listing or other services at Altilly.

Problems to be solved

In the past, some cryptocurrencies have been associated with criminal activities due to their anonymous nature. Qredit provides an immutable, transparent Blockchain, without private or anonymised transactions. Any individual or government agencies can monitor all transactions. Qredit team are working with a trusted company to provide KYC verified addresses, with the aim of increasing the safety and transparency of distributed ledger technology (DLT). The Qredit blockchains’ public addresses are similar to a bank account and can be attached to a real-world verification check using government documents or social media verification. The information provided for real-world verification will never be stored on the blockchain, this will be handled by an accredited company whose purpose is to review sensitive information.

This feature is called “Qredit KYC” and is also a part of the Qredit Always Evolving Platform. The Qredit KYC feature will allow Qredit to be adopted more freely in the real world without the stigma of being associated with criminal activities, unlike other cryptocurrencies that are focused on anonymising transactions.

Please read this page for more information about Qredit: 

The official public website for Qredit is  https://qredit.io



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This is great, I will advice the newbies like me to check this forum to learn more about XQR.


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That Will be great to the Community 😉