BlockBurn: AMA conf...

BlockBurn: AMA conference in Friday 19.30 Hong-Kong Time.  


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August 21, 2019 9:17 am  

The Blockburn BURN Project will be Host at the Telegram channel group of the BW Exchange at Friday 23.08 (19:30 Hong-Kong Time) and there are rewards to any one who participate sending questions that will be made to the devs of BlockBurn Project and got approved for the Admins of BW Exchange,for each qualified question you get 30 BURN tokens and those can be made in your local language.

BlockBurn BURN Token is listed and trading at BW Exchange and  withdrawals will be enabled today 21.08 ;the trading is in BTC and USDT Market and no KYC need to Trade and withdrawal.

Participate in the AMA Here

BlockBurn BURN is also traded at Altilly Exchange

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