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BlockBurn BURN Token: DApp features.  


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November 14, 2019 7:11 pm  

BlockBurn BURN Token Project is all about innovation and transparency,it's a Deflationary asset that is testing and has an DApp that will have the main function the wallet and stake.

At the moment the DApp is in testing mode and after new version of the App will be released with fixed bugs and new Improvements. The Blockburn DApp will support at the moment $BURN (native) and $FUZE (partner) and you will be able to stake your desirable asset in the two above to stake for 24 hours,1 month to 1 year just depending on you!


The beta dapp is now only supporting wallet and stake but it will have:


*Play built-in game and get rewarded for your time interacting with the DApp

*Read and get rewarded for your time browsing the app.


At the Group channel at Telegram here


You can also earn some BURN if you are active and when there are rewards to be splited for certain tasks...just be updated and never be out of the Blockburn nnew

Stay close ... Awesome news are approaching to the $BURN family.






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January 20, 2020 8:54 am  

read about dapp for android, where to get the download link?