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$BURN New Partnership.  


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September 21, 2019 9:25 am  


The Blockburn Project and the Cardxcoin Team Secured a Partnership that will allow to Exchange Unwanted Giftcards For BURN Tokens and Give one more Way to the Hodlers of BURN to spend the tokens using Cardxcoin services:


Now you can get Giftcards using BURN tokens,when in the coming days there will be an official press release about it and the Special Airdrop at BW Exchange is ongoing and to participate you must Hodl minimum of 1000 BURN Tokens purchased during the time the Airdrop is running from 18 September to 2 October,the reward will be paid in a ratio of 7.5% and for more info visit:
https://t.me/bw_support  or the Official Telegram group from BlockBurn  https://t.me/BlockBurn  this Airdrop is conducted at the BW Exchange.


Trade your $BURN At Altilly here https://altilly.com/market/BURN_ETH


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