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Latest crypto news  


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August 9, 2019 2:40 pm  

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🔹The identities of the cybercriminals who hacked the Binance exchange in May this year and stole 7000 BTC were found out by the hacker Bnatov Platon in the hope of receiving a reward from the site. However, Binance management refused to cooperate with him. Now, the offended hacker merges the personal data of the exchange users that he received into the network by breaking into an insider who helped hackers in May.

🔹The $BURN project is planning to release the Stake App sooner than expected and a sneak peek of it was released in the main group and will be enabled with other functions too.

🔹The bill on the abolition of double taxation of cryptocurrency transactions has been re-submitted to the US Congress. If it is accepted, the country will be abolished 40% tax on the transfer of digital currencies and maintaining records of such operations.

🔹The Czech government intends to tighten requirements for the cryptocurrency industry by January 2020 in order to comply with anti-money laundering rules in the European Union. One of the measures will be a fine of $20,000 for unlicensed activities of crypto companies.

🔹The profit of blockchain companies from the sale of tokens was two times higher than the funds received by equity investment in the last six months, the analytical company teQatlas reports. Through ICOs, startups raised $2.09 billion, and venture capital investments - only $1.2 billion.

🔹Coinshares explained how the bull market in 2019 differs from the 2017 rally. The current rise is due to the interest of the Internet community and media attention, rising prices for altcoins and the support of large businesses and institutions.

🔹VC Trade Exchange, owned by the Japanese corporation SBI Holdings, was one of the first to introduce a KYC system that meets the updated requirements of the Financial Anti-Money Laundering Measures Development Group (FATF), which caused a lot of controversy and outrage in the blockchain community. It was created by the CoolBitX startup.


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